Welcome to the second installment of Kiki's 2010 Gift Guide! Each week we'll be bringing you fun new ideas for the Kiki reader in your life. Didn't see something totally perfect in the first installment? Well, check out these all-new, all-funky gift ideas!

Lip Balm Smorgasbord

4 Cupcake Lip Glosses, $14.50 at Paper Source
eos Lip Balm, $3.29 or $9.99 for a three-pack
Pickle Lip Balm, $3.25 at Party Unlimited

Lip balm makes a great stocking stuffer or even package topper—here are three fun lip balms that go beyond the ubiquitous tube. Girls love fruit-flavored lip gloss, and we like 4 Cupcake Lip Glosses because the containers are unique. Each set contains a Chocolate Cream Puff, Strawberry Cream Cupcake, Strawberry Swirl Cupcake and Raspberry Topped Cupcake. Cupcakes measure approximately 3cm high and 3cm wide. We confess to being drawn to eos Lip Balm because of its fun shape, but it's more than just fun—it's 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Flavors include summer fruit (pictured), lemon drop (SPF15), honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, and sweet mint. Or if you're feeling ornery, what about Pickle Lip Balm? Could this be the modern equivalent of a lump of coal? Remember, lip balm is a simple, useful, and inexpensive addition to a holiday package or stocking—so why not have some fun with it!

Shipwreck Bag

Kids' Maptote Pirate Bag, $25.00 at crewcuts by J. Crew
Maptote Zipped Pouch, $16.00 at Maptote

This canvas bag, featuring a Maptote silk-screened pirate treasure map, is perfect for your adventurous girl. Stuff it with tights, dainties, books, or gizmos and it becomes its own gift bag as well. The pirate map tote was created exclusively for J.Crew by Maptote, which makes city-themed totes in a variety of shapes and sizes for cities around the world. For more Maptote bags, check out the Maptote brand page on Amazon. Maptotes also makes smaller city-themed zipped pouches that would be perfectly handy for this season's holiday travel.

Floral Graffiti Stretch Bracelet

Stretch Bracelet Set, $17.95 plus $8.95 S&H at Wireless Catalog

A set of two of these fun and cheerful bracelets will add modern style and flair to any outfit! The product description says that the bracelets are sized for most adult wrists, so they might be a bit loose on younger wrists. Stainless steel and 3/4" wide, these bracelets should last for years. Beware that shipping is super high at $8.95, but they still might be cute enough to try!

Fred Flare Ear Buds

Sushi Ear Buds (or rubber duckies, cupcakes...), $15.00 per set

These cute ear buds from Fred Flare are worth a try at $15! Each of the ten styles is compatible with devices that feature a standard 3.5 mm headphone socket (like iPods, MP3 players, portable games, and laptops. The plastic bud and cord measure about 1.25" and 45" respectively. Styles include: panda, duck, ladybug, pig, fly, bling, cupcake, sushi, babushka, strawberry. Rock out in style!

Your Own Personal Chocolate Bar

Custom chocolate bar, prices vary at Chocomize.com

Forget chocolate bars with nuts and raisins. Chocomize lets you add gummi bears, sour patch kids, basil, black peppercorns, sprinkles, and dried flowers—among other things—to your chocolate bar. First, you pick dark, milk, or white chocolate. Then, you can select from dozens of add-ins in 6 categories: nuts and seeds, fruits, herbs and spices, candy, decorations, and other (which means things like Cheerios, crackers, pretzels, and bacon). The basic bar starts at $3.95, and the add-ins range from $0.40 to $1.85 per item. Could be worth a try! At the very least, you've got to check out the web site to see all the crazy things you can put in your chocolate.

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