Welcome to the first installment of Kiki's 2010 Gift Guide! Each week we'll be bringing you fun new ideas for the Kiki reader in your life. Before we dive into the gifts, we want to encourage all holiday gift givers to stock up on wrapping supplies. Nothing is more annoying than running out of tape mid-package except unrolling paper to find only 4 folded inches left. One idea to keep wrapping simple, colorful, and very stylish is to use plain papers (tissue or kraft), and use decorative paper masking tapes to create geometric patterns or ribbon effects.

Decorative Tape

MoMA Patterns and Colors Washi Tape, $30.00
Fredflare.com Polka Dot Tape 2-Pack, $10.00

Every December, we start talking about gift-wrapping themes we're using for the holidays. If the thought of detangling the bows and ribbons you saved from last year to reuse this year is leaving you feeling lazy (like us), you might want to check into colored paper masking tape. MOMA has colorful Washi paper masking tape that pairs well with simple, solid paper. The patters and colors pack includes 8 rolls for $30. The same is true of the black and white graphic pack. A pack of solid colors includes 10 rolls for the same $30 price. If you don’t need 8 or 10 rolls of tape, you can get 2 polka dot rolls at Fred Flare for only $10.

If you have to send packages through the mail and want to decorate the outside, you might want to head to TapeSwell. The site has 35 styles of patterned packing tape with designs from polka dots to lace to Charlie Harper-esque graphics to retro '50s. Prices range from $5.25 to $7 per roll (rolls are 2” by 27.5 yards).


Connectors 5-Pack at Amazon, $4.45
Connectors 5-Pack at Grow-A-Head, $3.99

These new snap-together silicone strings are looking to knock silly bandz off the top of the tween trend mountain. Connectors can snap together to make bracelets, cats-in-the-cradle strings, belts, or anything else you can think of. Bands come in packages of 5 each. You could probably even snap them together to make a bow for a package! Connectors are available at Amazon.com, Grow-A-Head, and at gift, specialty, book, toy, and Hallmark store locations.

No-Limit Texas Dreidel by Modern Tribe

Standard version at Amazon.com, $29.95
Deluxe Edition at Amazon.com, $34.49
Standard, Deluxe, and Party Editions at Moderntribe.com, $29.95–$49.95

This new dreidel game for ages 9–99 combines the Chanukah dreidel game with poker for a new and truly fun dreidel experience. You'll check, bet, raise, or fold depending on the strength of your dreidel hand (or how much you like to bluff). The game comes in a Standard Edition for 2–4 players and a Deluxe Edition for up to 8 players. There’s also a "Party" version which includes Deluxe Edition game plus two bags of gelt (for 8 players) and 10 temporary tattoos.

Snow Globe Rings

Customizable Snow Globe ring at Glam Globes, $19.99
Standard Snow Globe ring at Amazon.com, $10.00

At Glam Globes, you can order a customizable snow globe ring. These rings use pictures rather than sculptures, however, and you can change the image in your ring whenever you want. You simply upload and print your image, cut it in the shape of a circle, and slide it into the removable tray at the back of the ring.

Hat Attack Endless Pony Ball

Endless Pony Ball at J. Crew's crewcuts, $16.50

If you have long hair or a daughter with long hair, you probably have elastic hair bands sprinkled through the house like a trail of Hansel-and-Gretel bread crumbs. And despite that, you probably cannot find one when you need one. That’s why we like this Endless Pony Ball. It's easy to spot, and there’s always another one. Or, if you already have a large supply of elastics and need a way to store them, consider making your own. For that, all you need is a super ball (25 cents out of any gumball machine) and some time to find all the loose hair bands in your house.

Classic Toy Stuffers

Classic Toy Stuffers at Garnet Hill, $34.00

This tin from Garnet Hill is filled will all the little bits you could want for St. Nicolas shoes, Advent calendars, party favors, and stockings. The complete set includes the following trinkets and toys:

Smiley Face BallMini Clay SetSurvival Compass
Small Bubble TubeAnimal Measuring TapeMetal Kazoo
Silly Fish SquirtersMini Paper FanMini Cha-Cha
Mini Catch BallMini Paint SetJazzy Jingles
Aluminum WhistleMini CrayonsPuppy
Insect ClickerLove Bead Candy Necklace   Kitten
Bead Tilt GameBounce PuttyMini Duck
Piggy Mini Flashlight   Small Dino 
Mini Spring ToyPainted Stretch Lizard 


Coveroo's Fashion Phone Covers (Price vary according to phone.)

Coveroo.com has sooooo many different phone cover patterns to love (a favorite is cupcakes). These covers are not stickers or decals; they're replacement covers for the back of your phone. If you don't find anything you like in the collection of fashion patterns, you can also upload your own art and make a custom phone cover. DYO for your phone!

...and while we're thinking of cupcakes...

Cupcake Cuties

Cupcake Cuties Cupcake Kits, $23.99

Cupcake cuties are decorating kits that include fun wrappers and top decorations to make themed cupcakes. Each kit comes with 24 wrap sleeves and all the toppings needed to create the cupcake. You do have to bake the cupcake yourself, however. There are sports themes, holiday themes, and perhaps the most entertaining of all, the popcorn cupcake (shown below), although the sushi cupcake (above), is a very close second.

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